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How To Secure Venture Capital and Business Credit for Your Startup


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How To Secure Venture Capital and Business Credit for Your Startup

Tutorial Format: PDF (Includes 2 Worksheets Plus 1 Checklist)

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Understanding the world of company fundraising and business credit is a very difficult subject. You've probably seen stories of little-known companies raising billions of dollars - but you may have also seen countless articles warning you against raising any kind of venture capital. Which is the truth?

In this tutorial, our objective is to help you raise all of the capital you need for your business in the least amount of time possible. We'll analyze the different types of capital fundraising, the steps for getting your new startup in front of major players with big pockets, and the smartest steps for getting access to the credit and funds you need as quickly as possible, no matter what stage your business is at.

Inside, you will also discover:

  • Whether your business is a good candidate for venture capital funding, and what venture capital firms expect from you and your business.

  • The best alternatives to venture capital to get funding if your business is not yet at the right stage for it or not a good fit.

  • How to best build business credit lines at no risk to your personal credit to fund your operations - a must if your business is brand new and looking to rapidly grow.

  • Step-by-step guidelines for approaching investors, venture capital firms, and quickly building business credit from scratch.

  • Best vendors for new businesses to use to quickly establish new credit lines from scratch (even if you have bad personal credit).

  • Tips, tricks and best practices for getting the most of your business credit and paying as little as possible (sometimes zero) in interest payments.

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