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How To Mass Produce High-Value Information Products


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How To Mass Produce High-Value Information Products

Format: 6 PDF Modules (includes 4 .doc templates, download template, mindmap)
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Word Count: 10,102

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Of all the business models that smart business owners, entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers can integrate into their businesses, creating information products (infoproducts) and teaching others valuable skills in niche markets is, without a doubt, one of the most lucrative. The problem is that creating an infoproduct, let alone multiple infoproducts, is extremely difficult, time-consuming, and selling an infoproduct often requires a tedious amount of sales copy to justify its value.

Through trial and error, we have unveiled a system for overcoming this problem. With How To Mass Produce High-Value Information Products (Infoproduct Empire) we reveal our strategy, techniques and templates for quickly producing high-quality, in-demand products that people want to buy.

Inside Infoproduct Empire, you'll also discover:

  • How to strategically build or scale up your business using virtual assistants to produce infoproducts for you
  • A rinse-and-repeat method for effortlessly uncovering pressing questions and problems that your market will pay to solve
  • The 5 Point Check for analyzing the profitability of an Infoproduct market - avoid wasting time developing infoproducts for markets with no demand
  • How to add massive value and boost the quality of your infoproducts at little-to-no cost
  • A smart way to skyrocket customer satisfaction and lower refunds immediately after purchase (this is not about offering bonuses, although that is an effective strategy)
  • Real-world examples and price points of potential Infoproduct types, what you can include to increase value, product positioning, and more
  • Free sources where you can view little-known sales data to let you know what niches and types of infoproducts are selling the best

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