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How To Design and Build Your Own Software in 4 Hours


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How To Design and Build Your Own Software in 4 Hours

Format: MP4 (PDF Transcript Included)
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Total Length: 1 Hour 8 Minutes

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Do you have a great idea for a piece of software or game? Have you ever wanted to turn your vision into reality? How To Design and Build Your Own Software in 4 Hours (4-Hour Software) reveals how to quickly design your own software and get it created for pennies of what it's worth to you, even if you have no prior experience with software development.

You can tap into this multi-trillion dollar software opportunity and discover:

  • How to leverage your assets as a software developer. There are a lot of ways to profit from your software, and we walk you through multiple techniques. (Module 1, Module 5)
  • Our preferred sources for finding cheap, super-high quality programmers. (Module 2)
  • The exact steps you need to follow to find and research high-profit software niches.  (Module 2)
  • The one never-fail "Secret Technique" for generating a near-endless stream of super-profitable software ideas. This method is so simple it can be followed by a well-trained monkey. (Module 2)
  • What to do if someone has already created your software idea - or if they copy you. (Module 2)
  • A full list of qualities that nearly all high-quality virtual programmers possess. These qualities ensure they create the safest and most efficient software programs possible. (Module 3)
  • Critical warning signs that your programmer is off-course...or worse, scamming you. Fear not! This doesn't happen often, but you need to know how to protect yourself. (Module 3)
  • A comprehensive briefing of the most profitable software opportunities today, and exactly what you can do to monetize those opportunities. (Module 3, Module 5)
  • How to work with programmers and pay no money upfront. You pay only for results, and you'll often get a working prototype of the software in your hands before you even send a penny. (Module 3)
  • The simple 6-step process that for you to follow each and every time that you build a new piece of software. (Module 4)
  • A massive list of strategies you can use to make money from any software program. Multiple monetization techniques can often be applied to a single program for additional profit. (Module 5)
  • How to give away your software for free... and earn money from it. (Module 5)
  • The most effective ways to promote and advertise your software. In addition, you'll discover advanced strategies and test results based upon Matt Rhodes' 10 years of marketing experience. (Module 5, Module 6)
  • Three (3) Live Case Study Examples of ultra-simple software programs that have made a ton of money for their creators. One of case studies is from the story you just read on this page. (Module 6)


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