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How To Build Products and Services That Generate Monthly Income


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How To Build Products and Services That Generate Monthly Income

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The single best way to create a long-term, sustainable business is to create offers with your products and services that provide you with monthly income. Subscription services and software-as-a-service are examples of offers that can provide you with income every month, but there are also much faster and easier ways for you to build continuity programs. How To Build Products and Services That Generate Monthly Income (Monthly Income Checklist) lays out innovative ideas and important steps for efficiently building your own monthly income programs, also known as "MIPs."

Inside Monthly Income Checklist, you'll also discover:

  • How To Create Your Own Monthly Income Programs, MIPs, For The Very First Time (Page 2)
  • The Little-Known Secret To Make Your MIP "Set-and-Forget" -- Do The Work Just Once To Get Paid Monthly (Page 3)
  • 34 Brainstorming Ideas For Building Your First MIP Immediately, Even With Zero Experience (Page 4)
  • The Single Most Important Requirement For Building Your Own MIPs (Page 6)
  • 5 Examples For Crafting a "Theme" To Help Focus Your MIPs -- And Boost Sales Conversions (Page 8)
  • 12 Templates To Create a MIP Brand Name That Sells And Increases Your Credibility (Page 9)
  • 10 Ways To Create Useful Lessons For Your MIP -- Even If You Have Absolutely No Expertise On The Topic (Page 13)
  • 6 Strategies to Become A Reputable Expert On Topics You Know Nothing About From Complete Scratch (Page 15)
  • 4 Ways To Outline and Organize Your MIPS To Make It Easy For Your Customers To Use and Consume (Page 17)
  • An Example Outline You Can Copy Right Now To Quickly Deploy Your Own MIPs (Page 18)
  • 6 Resources For Outsourcing Your MIPs To Low-Cost Virtual Assistants (Page 20)
  • 8 Critical Criteria For Writers To Ensure They Target Your MIP Content Properly (Page 21)
  • The Absolute Cheapest Place To Buy Domain Names For Your MIPs (Page 24)
  • 11 "Must Haves" On Your MIP Sales Pages To Maximize Your Sales and Conversions (Page 26)
  • The Ultra-Simple Formula For Picking The Optimum Price For Your MIPs (Page 30)
  • Example Template To Use For Delivering Your First MIP To Your Customers (Page 32)
  • 9 Techniques For Marketing Your MIP From Scratch To Attract More Traffic and Become a Recognized Expert (Page 37)
  • How To Setup and Test All Of Your MIPs With Very Low Risk -- And Effort (Page 39)

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