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How To Automatically Generate Organic Backlinks In As Little As 4 Minutes


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How To Automatically Generate Organic Backlinks In As Little As 4 Minutes

Format: MP4 Video (includes PDF transcripts, mp3 audio, templates)
Video Count:
Total Running Time: 1 Hour, 12 Minutes

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Backlinks are the most essential component of building a successful SEO (search engine optimization) campaign that gets your business to page one. Unfortunately, many businesses choose to use questionable software to automatically spam unsuspecting low-quality blogs to build backlinks which can sometimes provide short-term boosts in rankings (with a quick plummet afterwards.) For long-term, growth-oriented businesses, this simply isn't an option.

How To Automatically Generate Organic Backlinks In As Little As 4 Minutes (4-Minute Backlinks) reveals a smart, step-by-step strategy for having virtual assistants build backlinks for you automatically. The boost in search rankings for your targeted keywords is invaluable, and with this tutorial, you create an automated system for building backlinks for pennies of what it is worth to your business.

Inside this Work1099 Tutorial, you'll discover:

  • The types of software you absolutely must avoid to ensure you get a boost in search engine rankings
  • Free software that you and your team can use to automatically build organic, white-hat backlinks
  • How to properly research the best keywords for you to target and what keywords are likely a waste of your time

  • 9 sources for a virtually endless stream of highly authoritative backlinks for boosting your search rank 

  • How to build automatic systems for building backlinks using effective, low-cost virtual assistants

  • Advanced strategies for getting ranked highly for super-competitive keywords (with less time and cost required)

  • How to create networks of backlinks to your web properties at no cost

  • Much, much more (analyze your competitors keywords, fast ranking strategies, diversifying your links...)

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