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How To Automate Your Business with Outsourcing in 4 Hours


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How To Automate Your Business with Outsourcing in 4 Hours

Format: MP4 (includes PDF transcripts, mp3 audio)
Video Count:
Total Running Time: 52 Minutes

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Multiply your income, work 90% less, and build business faster than you ever thought possible with How To Automate Your Business with Outsourcing in 4 Hours (4-Hour Outsourcing). This tutorial will show you how to get others to do all the work, while you collect 100% of the profit and build a profitable, saleable asset: your business.

Inside this Work1099 Tutorial, you'll discover:

  • How to apply the "McDonald's Franchise" concept to your own online business to accelerate your growth (Module 1)
  • Insights about how Virtual Assistants are actually an asset, rather than an expense for your business (Module 1)
  • How to use 4-Hour Outsourcing to increase your profits with any business model, no matter what you do to make money online (Module 2)

  • The process for turning $100 into $2,400 per year...over and over following a dumb, simple business model (Module 2)

  • How to "streamline" Virtual Assistant Tasks to multiply their efforts and make more money for you in less time (Module 3)

  • The critical error we made that you can avoid by using Virtual Assistants - we lost $1,000s because of this stupid mistake (Module 3)

  • Secrets for hiring new assistants - How much I expect to pay my assistants when they start working for me, what countries they're from, and how I eliminate over 80% of my prospects immediately (Module 4)

  • How I transform my existing assistants into managers and effectively "clone" myself - these managers expand my businesses for me (Module 4)

  • Two real-world case studies about using outsourcing and virtual assistants to grow my business for me (Module 5)

  • The "nuts and bolts" of the $20 million business and the tasks that those virtual assistants do on a daily basis to generate $10,000s in sales (Module 5)

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