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Work1099 Licensing Opportunities

Private Label Rights PLR White Label License

Many of the tools and tutorials for sale on Work1099 are available for license to re-distribute to your employees, customers, even to re-brand and sell as your own product for 100% of the profit. 

Why should you license Work1099 products?

  • Instantly add value to any of your products or services.
  • Offer existing customers a new product or service.
  • Create an entirely new business by using one or more of our products to create your own.
  • Work1099 products are a cut above, based on real world trial-and-error and over 15 years of personal experiences.
  • All Work1099 Licenses are royalty-free. Once you purchase a license, no ongoing payments are owed to 1099 Systems, Inc.

For many of our tutorials and locally-installed Work1099 tools, we offer Redistribution Rights and White Label Licenses (sometimes known as Private Label Rights, or PLR.) For cloud-based tools, you can purchase an Enterprise & Client License.

What are the differences between each of these licenses, and what do they offer you?

  • Redistribution Rights: Your Redistribution Rights License includes the rights to redistribute a tutorial throughout your organization and/or to paid customers with the purchase of your product or service. You cannot modify or sell redistribution rights products on their own or redistribute to non-customers and non-employees.
  • Enterprise & Client License: Your Enterprise & Client License enables organization-wide team access to the licensed tool and the right to use the tool commercially as a service for clients for profit. You cannot sell the tool to others, or allow non-employees to use it.

  • White Label License: Your White Label License allows you to re-brand, modify, sell, and redistribute a tool or tutorial as you see fit, including all commercial uses. This is sometimes referred to as private label rights or a PLR license. Only 2 restrictions: 1.) Copyright is retained by 1099 Systems Inc. and any Work1099 or Product Branding must be removed. 2.) Your White Label License is non-transferable, meaning the rights to sell the tutorial cannot be sold to others.

Of course, if you do not want to purchase either of these licenses when purchasing a Work1099 tool or tutorial, simply choose the "Personal Use Only" option that is available when purchasing any Work1099 product.

Beware of licensing content from questionable sources. Many private label licenses are sold illegally from those who are not the original source. Other times, even though the content may be legal, it can be plagued with poorly-written content or even broken English.

You can confidently buy any white label license from Work1099 knowing that you're obtaining an original, step-by-step tutorial filled with in-the-field experience, research, often including the rights to extra worksheets, templates and checklists at no extra cost.

Work1099 tools are even more valuable. Our team uses them on a daily basis to grow our product lines, expand to new verticals and marketplaces, develop niche website networks, boost sales conversions, and track our business as a whole.

Please Note: To protect our brand and content, and to protect those who purchase our licensed content, we retain the right to revoke licenses at our discretion to stop those from using our content in ways that we deem are illegal or immoral. We also restrict usage of Work1099 brands and product names.

Questions about our licensing terms or need clarity? Contact our support desk.