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Etsy Keyword Extractor: Extract Product Searches from Etsy


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Etsy Keyword Extractor: Extract Product Searches from Etsy

Tool Format: PHP Script (Drag-n-Drop Install)
Manual Page Count:
Manual Word Count: 1211

Important: We recommend joining Work1099 Accelerator to get access to Etsy Keyword Extractor. You also get access to other highly useful tools such as Universal App Maker, SelfSurve, other keyword tools, and much more. You can get an Enterprise License to Work1099 Accelerator by clicking here.

Etsy Keyword Extractor is a tool that extracts the most popular derivative keyword phrases based on a core keyword phrase you provide. For example, if you typed in "coffee mug" into Etsy Keyword Extractor, it would start analyzing and extracting all of the keyword phrases related to coffee mugs that users are searching for on Etsy.

Etsy Keyword Extractor is extremely easy to use and install. Just type in your core keyword phrase, click Go, and grab a coffee while our tool does all the work. It can be installed on any web server with easy drag-and-drop installation. If you do not have web hosting available, a Work1099-hosted version is available via Work1099 Accelerator.

By using Etsy Keyword Extractor, you are able to:

  • Extract the top product search terms related to your core keyword phrase
  • Brainstorm potential product ideas and related product keyword phrases
  • Identify keyword phrases your competitors are using to get their products to the top of the search results.
  • Construct titles for your products based on the top keyword phrases
  • Scale up your presence on Etsy by targeting the right phrases
  • Know what users are searching for to get your brand front and center
  • Download results in .csv format to instantly save or integrate into other software

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Single Use License - Use this tool on a single website. No rights included to redistribute this tool in any way.

Enterprise License - This license includes the rights to use this tool on an unlimited number of websites for a single person, business or organizational entity. You cannot sell this tool or redistribute to non-employees. 

White Label License - This license allows you to re-brand, modify, sell, and redistribute this tool as you see fit, including selling it commercially and installing it on client websites. Only 2 restrictions: 1.) Copyright is retained by 1099 Systems Inc. and any Work1099 and Etsy Keyword Extractor branding must be removed. 2.) White Label License is non-transferable, meaning the rights to sell your white label tool cannot be sold to others.

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