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How To Create High-Quality Books To Sell In As Little As 12 Minutes


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How To Create High-Quality Books To Sell In As Little As 12 Minutes

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How To Create High-Quality Books To Sell In As Little As 12 Minutes (12 Minute Books) reveals invaluable shortcuts that help you publish great books faster and walks you through the most important steps of the publishing process. It is no exaggeration that you can create in-demand books in as little as 12 minutes using the simple strategies laid out in this tutorial. This tutorial even reveals how to calculate (and maximize) the probability that your each of your 12 Minute Books will be a sales success, before you even publish it.

Inside 12 Minute Books, you'll also discover:

  • Dozens of ideas that you can produce in anywhere from 12 minutes to a matter of hours (you can even publish books from your phone!)
  • How to plan out your first 12 Minute Books and your book publishing e-business to grow as quickly as possible
  • How to effortlessly take the stunning pictures with your mobile phone (and how you can “go pro” with your pics)
  • How to use Amazon’s “Sales Search Engine” to determine exactly what kind of 12 Minute Books you should publish and sell to make more money
  • How to earn “bonus money” by making micro-time or money investments. $5 can pay you back hundreds of times in the years to come
  • How to sell more copies of both your physical books and e-books…without investing any extra time or money
  • How to generate passive sales every month with simple search ranking secrets
  • Much, much more. 12 Minute Books is designed to be as efficient as possible for creating your own high-quality book that sells.

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