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How To Launch Your Own Authority Site with 10+ Million Visitor Case Study


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How To Launch Your Own Authority Site with 10+ Million Visitor Case Study
Format: PDF, DOC, XLS

Page Count: 139
Module Count: 5 + 9 Bonus Checklist, Templates, Worksheets

Launching your own authority site is, hands down, one of the smartest investments that you or any business can make for themselves.

You invest the time (or money) to do the work in the right way just one single time and then get paid indefinitely for your work. If your website is the authority on a market, industry, niche, product, or keyword phrase, then you automatically attract new customers for free at little to no ongoing cost.

There are many great reasons to build your own authority sites with Authority Site Launchpad...

  • You build a real, long-term business asset you can sell or pass down
  • You can fully automate and outsource nearly every step of the process
  • You get naturally ranked highly in the search engines over time
  • You automatically attract new visitors from multiple sources organically
  • You become the go-to expert authority in your market or industry
  • You convert far more of your first-time visitors into customers
  • You can nearly endlessly scale up each of your authority sites
  • You can passively collect e-mail list leads and social media followers
  • You can build something that stands the test of time and outlives you

To show you exactly what we did to get over 10 million visitors to a single authority site (plus many millions more to other authority sites) we created Authority Site Launchpad.

It is the complete step-by-step system that we are following today when we setup authority sites in all of the markets and industries that we are targeting. It is highly efficient and designed specifically to minimize your workload and maximize your return on your time and monetary investments.

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